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roadside assistance houston

Interested in Roadside Assistance?


Here is some information about our program that could benefit you in the event that your car has trouble:

  • Nationwide 24 hour, 7 days a week, 365 days a year Roadside Assistance provided by Auto Knight, a Fortegra Financial company

  • Over 22 years of proven Roadside Assistance experience

  • Rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau

  • 30,000+ accredited, Service Providers

  • All calls answered in The US by live person, NO IVR or message to punch through

  • Very competitively priced

  • 6 comprehensive plans

  • 6 month & 12 month programs

  • Individual Vehicle or Family plans that cover up to 4 family members and ALL family vehicles

  • State of the Art Response Centers with ability to accept calls in English, Spanish, French & TTY for the Hearing Impaired

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