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This is Why SR-22 Matters

SR22 auto insurance is a high-risk driver policy designed to rehabilitate drivers who display dangerous and/or irresponsible behavior. How? Certain violators are required to file for SR22 status with their insurance providers, which then gets filed with the DMV and police. This SR22 period can last up to three years, during which your policy serves as proof that you are in fact insured.

Once you’re notified that you must file for SR22 status, your license may be suspended until the paperwork is submitted. But why were you notified in the first place? Violations such as driving without a license or insurance, being convicted of a DUI or DWI, accumulating too many points on your record or being ordered to appear in court due to a traffic offense can all lead to SR22 status.

This coverage must be paid in full in order to maintain a valid driver’s license, which may not be easy. SR22 auto insurance can cost twice, or even triple, the amount of normal auto insurance. Perhaps the high cost is incentive enough for people to drive safely in order to avoid being mandated to file for this coverage.

After your obligation is complete, the SR22 status will be removed and you can qualify for normal auto insurance rates once again.

Do you have questions about this coverage or why you may need it? Our agents are trained to help you with your SR22 concerns. We’ve got you covered. Call Texas Insurance Agency at (713) 675-2626 for more information on Houston SR22 insurance.

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